Over 99% of teachers highly recommend our workshops. 

Our ‘Science+Language' workshops are especially designed to target pupils who speak a heritage language or a foreign language.  The workshops bring together international scientists and pupils. It gives teachers an opportunity to bring science role models to the classroom, promote the integrated learning of science and language, and celebrate multilingualism. See our gallery and find out if we can organise a workshop with you by requesting a workshop.

Countries and languages currently active

For each city and each language, we have a Native Coordinator that organises the workshops.

Check below if we have a coordinator for your language in your city (or nearby).


what people say

"My participation in this project has been extremely beneficial in many different aspects. The most important gain for me is that I found another reason to do research and to continue to make questions and try to answer them."

—  Katerina (coordinator)

London, UK