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Native Scientist reaches over 1,000 children every year. Your gift makes this happen and ensures sustained growth for greater impact. Less than 5% of what you give goes to admin costs. 

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"As a present for the accomplishment of my Ph.D., I asked all my friends to donate an arbitrary amount of money to Native Scientist. Let me say that I profoundly admire the work that Native Scientist carries out."

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Here is a list of things that will help us create more impact:

  • Spread the word. Whether at home, at work or in the pub, you can mention our work when topics such as #science, #education and/or #diversity topics are on the table.

  • Share our news, blogs, and your experience with us on social media. You can tag us in your posts:

  • Email or message friends and work colleagues who might be interested in our work. You can share the link to this website along with these key messages:

    • Native Scientist brings together scientists and children, particularly underserved children, through educational programmes that are designed to reduce inequalities and promote science literacy and quality education.

    • Scientists can volunteer in the educational programmes, practicing communications skills and creating a positive social impact with their work.

    • Teachers can host an educational programme in their classrooms, giving students the rare and exciting opportunity to connect with "real" scientists, learn new concepts and vocabulary, and making them feel that science, higher education and/or a science-related career is relevant to them.

  • Volunteer as a scientist in our programmes. See our programmes here.

  • Host one of our programmes at your institution. See our programmes here.

  • Approach us to collaborate, partner up or develop a joint venture.

  • Work with us. Whether you want to apply your expertise or you are looking to expand your skillset, we have opportunities that can suit you. Check this.