97% of scientists want to repeat the experience. 

If you are an international student or scientist and would like to do science outreach to develop your communication skills, increase the impact of your work and meet like-minded people, you can volunteer with us. We organise workshops where you present your work in your native language, inspiring children to have a positive attitude towards science and language, promoting science education and developing children's language skills. See our gallery and get involved if you'd like to be notified of opportunities near you.

Countries and languages currently active

For each city and language, we have a Native Coordinator that organises the workshops.

Check below if we have a coordinator for your language in the city you live in (or nearby).


I can't find a coordinator in the city

where I live and/or the language

that I speak in the list above.

If you would like to organise ´'Science+Language' workshops for children in the city where you live, please contact Patricia. We have a round of training for new coordinators every year in November.


Next Events

We care about you and your well-being. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our workshops currently take place virtually and in-person.

3rd July, Portuguese | Cambridge
1st July, Italian | London
26th Apr, Portuguese | Frankfurt
28th Apr, Italian | Paris
28th May, Portuguese | Berlin
29th Apr, Portuguese | Germany

what people say

"My participation in this project has been extremely beneficial in many different aspects. The most important gain for me is that I found another reason to do research and to continue to make questions and try to answer them."

—  Katerina (coordinator)

London, UK