Guidelines for support

Schools (or other)

hosting workshops

We are a non-profit enterprise so all the funds raised

go to our programmes. 

You choose how much to contribute depending on

the funds you have available.

You don't get less if you pay less.

£/€ 150

per workshop


Equivalent to £/€ 6 per pupil

You contribute towards expenses with:

- scientists' travel and materials

- Native Scientist materials

- event management

£/€ 600

per workshop


Equivalent to £/€ 24 per pupil

You contribute towards expenses with:

- all of A and B

- training of coordinators

- project management

- community management



Key characteristics of the workshops:

- duration of 1.5 hours;

- speed dating and multidisciplinary format;

- up to 25 pupils per workshops;

- up to 5 scientists per workshops.

£/€ 300

per workshop


Equivalent to £/€ 12 per pupil

You contribute towards expenses with:

- all of A

- recruitment and training of volunteers


After our workshops:

- 2 in 3 pupils feel prouder of speaking more than one language;

- over 90% of them love meeting the scientists;

- almost 50% feel inspired to become a scientist;

- 58% meet a scientist for the first time in their life;

- over 91% of teachers agree on an effective format

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