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Science Communication & Outreach Workshop

Team Meeting

Do you want to provide science communication training to the MSc, PhDs & Postdocs of your institution, consortium or network?

Would you like to enhance the skills and encourage your researchers to do more public engagement and educational outreach?

We have the perfect solution for you!


A Science Communication Workshop That Works 


1-2 days


Online or

at your Institution


English or Portuguese


Be a champion of change!

Public engagement and educational outreach are for every institution, consortium and network.  


The fundamentals of science communication and outreach

Communicating effectively

Building a personal science outreach toolbox

Delivered as it is, or complemented with additional modules to suit your specific needs and interests.

This course is for researchers at all stages of their careers.


In this workshop, researchers will:

  • understand the importance of science communication and public engagement

  • become aware of the very diverse ways that one has available to practice science communication and outreach

  • gain access to key tips and knowledge that can improve their communication skills

  • create their own science communication pitch

  • receive a certificate of attendance


Sara Marques, PhD

15+ years of experience in science communication and outreach.

Training Manager at Native Scientist with a background in biology.


Joana Moscoso, PhD

10+ years of experience in science communication and outreach.

Co-founder of Native Scientist with a background in biology.

Delivered by experienced instructors


Why you should trust us


scientists trained 


participants recommend 

average rating


Honestly, it was all really great.

It was a very nicely organized seminar and I'm glad that I was a part of it.  I think that a combination of lectures/slides and practical components were well balanced.

Overall it was a very enriching workshop! I hope to use the presented tools and tricks in the near future.

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