Native Scientist is a network of international scientists created to
tackle educational disadvantage through science outreach. We are
an award-winning non-profit organisation founded in London in 2013.

Our vision

A future where everyone can
reach their full potential in
a globalized world.

Our mission

To create social impact by promoting and exploiting cultural and linguistic diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

What we do

We bring together role models and migrant pupils to promote science and language integrated learning.


Our aims are 1) to inspire ethnic minority pupils to pursue higher education and consider STEM careers; 2) to empower international scientists to increase the impact of their research; and 3) to build a community of advocates for diversity and equality in education and the workforce.

Empowering migrant children through science.

Widening scientists' skills and participation in outreach.

Promoting STEM education and careers.

Celebrating heritage languages and multilingualism.



Discover how we started ☻

Native Scientist was founded in London in 2013 by two scientists, Joana Moscoso (biologist) and Tatiana Correia (physicist). Aware of the role in social development and cooperation that scientists could play, they developed an innovative science outreach approach based on role modelling and science and language integrated education. Fuelled by passion and commitment, Joana and Tatiana’s work and complementary skills were key to the growth of the project. Native Scientist is a spin-off of PARSUK (Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the United Kingdom).



Meet the people behind the scenes below. To discover our language/city coordinators, go here.

Joana Moscoso


Saskia Sickinger

Deputy Director


Mariana Simões

Business Development Manager

EMBL Fly Room (credit Marietta Schupp) -

Mariana Alves

Existing Partnerships Manager


Ana Teles

Social Media Content Writer


Alicia Calvo-Villamañán

Creative Specialist

Native_Scientist_Joana _Bordalo.jpg

Joana Bordalo

Programmes Manager


Patricia Bernal

Coordinator Enrollment Manager


Ana Rubio Araiz

Teacher Community Manager


Flávia Viana

Certificates Manager


Ana Catarino

Impact Research Manager

Ana Faro

Impact Report Manager


Sary Abou Hassan

Impact Report Manager

Pedro Afonso

Data Scientist


Sara Marques

Native Training Manager

Native_Scientist_About_Smaragda Papadopo

Smaragda Papadopoulou

Native Awards Manager


Advisory Board

Check the experts who advise us.




Annual Report

Our Annual Report 18/19 (year 6) is now available here.

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